Friday, October 05, 2012

little bowls of energy

I love using little bowls for snacks at our house.  Especially for a snack right after school when H. needs a little pick me up, but dinner is in a little bit.  Yes, we eat early.  Around 5:30ish.   This will likely change as the boys get older, but right now, that's the time.  And I'm glad....I'm usually starving by then!
So the little bowls....I like to use little ramekins or egg poaching bowls, or measuring cups.  They're different then the typical little plastic tupperware bowls.  They look funky or like the ramekins--more "grown-up".   Usually I fill them up with the snack because they are smaller and it looks like more then to the kids...tricky I know.  I'm sure we all know that tactic.   A little simple dried fruit/nut mix is what typically gets thrown in there:  craisins and walnuts, or golden raisins and almonds.   Lately, S. has been really digging dates.  Who knew?  Have you ever tried one?  They are DELICIOUS!  I'd recommend going to the bulk section of a store and getting them there. Especially Medjool Dates.  Yummy.  Like bites of chewy caramel.  So I will put a few of those in his bowl.  There are lots of yummy dried fruits out there.  Mango, apricots, raisins, craisins, apples, strawberries, and more.  And you can make your own too, which is fun to do with the kids.   Hmmmmm....will have to write about that later.  
Anyways, here's H.'s little ramekin filled with his afterschool snack.   And for full disclosure, for those who think that this is H's favorite afterschool snack.  No, it is not.  He's a fan crackers, chips, cookies just like any other kid. This is our "pantry" snack compromise.  For some reason kids think that the pantry is more filled with cooler food than the fridge.  My, my....aren't they perceptive.

Bowl of Energy:
~ 2-3 TB chopped walnuts
~2-3 TB craisins (dried cranberries)

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