Hello! My name is Jessica (although most call me Jess) and I'm a super lucky mama to three young handsome boys (ages 6 and twin 3-year olds).  I married to a wonderful fun-loving and goofy guy and as a plus.... is a fabulous dad and partner in keeping the kiddos and household tame.  ......These four boys keep me on my toes! 
Nutrition is and always has been a passion for me.  And now, having a family and seeing changes in myself (let's be honest...good and bad ones), I've become even more inspired by good food and what it can do for your body and mind.   From low energy levels, to mood swings and anxiety, to digestive issues (especially after having kids!), I'm learning more how fresh REAL (notice the emphasis :)  can benefit all of us.  And when i look at my little ones I want them to be able to reap the benefits of eating well....which leads me to this blog.  Somewhere along this journey, I hope to share my experiences, recipes, and thoughts on healthy, fresh, REAL food....including how the kiddos help me out in the process and try new things.  I believe that eating well  can have a place in everyone's homes and bellies.  

 I have a degree in dietetics and have worked as dietitian (go figure with my love of food and health....)  However, over the past few years I've felt the urge to try something different and add another dimension to my life goals.  So I have decided to go back to school (much different this time around!) for nursing.  Through my work in an oncology research program-and especially being a mom--I've been drawn to it.  I want to be there, right there, helping.  Being hands on is important to me, which is probably why I love to garden and cook so much.   So... a student I am right now...   I can't wait to enter this field!  However, my interest in nutrition and sharing ideas on it is incredibly important and a high priority for me.  I LOVE to talk about fresh good food :)    I hope someday to combine the passions and create another dimension of my life that allow me to help people feel better and teach nutrition.  Who knows?   Life is short, right?   Why not just do it!

So....I guess I would say that this is my journey to share  with others how "yummy and healthy" can be hand-in-hand ...at least my attempts in our household! The kitchen is not only where we eat in our house, but a place to learn, have fun, spend time together, ...and enjoy some delicious food.  Life is busy for everyone....cooking and preparing fresh delicious food is one area that I like to spend some extra time with the kiddos :)  My hope is to keep doing what I love and somehow find a way to combine my passions--my boys (all 4 of them!), fresh food, and helping others--life is good :)


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

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