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Did somebody say Mango?

mangomayowrap1 Mango Mayo Wrap and Nutrient Breakdown
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Recently I've been experimenting with more raw recipes.  For those that are not familiar with what a raw recipe is here here's a cliff's notes version:

  • made from fresh raw ingredients (all plant based)
  • nothing heated above 115 degrees F.
There's plenty out there about why people "eat raw".  Frankly, I like to incorporate a lot of these foods simply because they are so fresh and clean tasting.  And, I must say....they are some of the most simple recipes I've ever seen. Pretty simple stuff and ridiculously delicious and good for you.   Can't get much simpler than 1 ingredient!
I made a Mango Mayo Wrap the other day for lunch (actually....I ate two because it was so fabulous!).   It's from Meagan Elizabeth's blog which you can find more of here.  
I must say......the mango mayo (aka the golden yumminess that I wanted to eat up with a spoon like it was soup) was delicious.  I made extra so that my twin 3-year olds could eat some.  When they were helping me make in the blender they were scraping the sides of it with the spatulas, so I could I say to them, "No more Mangoes for you!!"  And so I made extra :)   
Not the cleanest day in the kitchen, but whatever.....they loved it!   Now, you may think "wow..., her kids ate a wrap that used collard leaves instead of bread??" (however, I used broccoli leaves though from our garden).  Um.  No. No indeed. A big fat no.  They did not.  BUT, they did dip their carrots and cucumbers and their PBJ in the mango mayo and loved it.   And they asked lots of questions about what was in my wrap.  This is fabulous!  And the best part.....G. asked if he could try some of my wrap!  He didn't want his own, but the fact that he wanted to even try it was a plus.  I'll take it :)  

As I mentioned above, I used broccoli leaves instead of collard leaves.  Any hearty leaf will do:  collard, swiss chard, broccoli leaves, nappa cabbage or basic cabbage leaves will work.  
Inside the wrap I used lettuce, red pepper, cucumber and avocado.  Usually I have shredded carrots on hand and would have thrown some of those in there too, but I didn't.  So, it was without the pop of orange.  But still beautiful and delicious!  Thank you to Meagan!
                                                               Mango Mayo Wrap

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